Week 15//Artist Interview

IMG_2067 IMG_2073This week in the galleries, we had the awesome opportunity to view the BFA Senior show. It was so cool to see all these amazing artists’ works. There was such diversity and creativity, I enjoyed looking at each Senior’s work!

It was cool to see how there was everything including animations, illustrations, drawings, prints, and even sculptures! There were so many different forms of media used and they were all simply amazing!

My favorite part of these exhibits was just how you could see each person’s unique style just by the few pieces they chose to display. Whether it was the style of drawings that they used or the colors, each artist had a cohesive aspect to their work.

IMG_2071I think that of all the artists’ work that I saw, Myke Marts was my favorite. His art played into popular culture and included recognizable logos and signs. He had a Marilyn Monroe piece where she was putting on lipstick and has half of a skeleton’s face. The picture I liked the best was in black and white and incorporated the Famous “Pink’s” hotdogs in LA and The Hat. It was fun to look at because eI could pick out things that I recognized.

IMG_2056I also liked Nathan Lewis’s skateboard art. They were so fun and colorful. They immediately captured my attention.

Overall, I saw a lot of super talented artists’ work. Everything had a different mood and feel which made the BFA show so interesting. It truly was a great last exhibit.


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