Week 14//Classmate Interview//Jasmin Brito

IMG_1944This week I met and got to talk to Jasmin Brito! While talking to her I found out that she is a Sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Human Development. Recently, she changed her major. Before she was in Computer Science, however she found that major too difficult and realized that she didn’t want to do that anyone. Now, she knows she wants to work with people and maybe pursue a career in counseling! I think she would be good at that!

Currently, most of Jasmin’s free time is taken up by her work at Starbucks and being with her boyfriend of four years. I found out that she is actually getting married in August! She is 20 years old and is super excited to start the new chapter in her life!

Some of Jasmine’s hobbies include playing soccer and being involved in her church. Her music interests include mellow artists like Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. She also really enjoys Christian Rock. Jasmin also lives in Anaheim so she likes going to Disneyland. It’s awesome because many of her friends work there and can get her in!

Lastly I learned that Jasmin is an only child and doesn’t like it very much. she says she gets lonely. However, she does have a wiener dog that she says her parents treat like another child!

It was great meeting Jasmin and I wish her the best in her upcoming Marriage!


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