Week 14//Artist Interview//Yireh Elain Kwak

IMG_1947IMG_1945  IMG_1948This week, the gallery that I chose to write about was the Gatov West Gallery. In it was the senior show. It is a collaboration that was the senior’s last show.  However, the artist that I had the opportunity to interview was Yireh Elain Kwak.

Kwak’s painting depicts her old home. It only took her about a month to complete, but it is beautiful! It is a depiction of her old home in Fullerton Hills. She used oil paint and oil pastels to create various textures and elements in her painting.

I think that Kwak has an amazing eye for color. All the hues in her paintings were vibrant and rich. She told me that she loves the colors of peacocks and she also used as many colors as possible. She loves using various colors and how they work together.

Kwak became interested in art at an early age. She has that classic story of just picking up a crayon when she was little and developing a liking for art! It was natural for her and started off as a hobby. However, it soon gee into a passion for her. When I was talking to her, she mentioned how artists are usually a little bit quirky and weird. As a result, art helps them to cope, often times with a traumatic experience. Her story was that while she wasn’t an only child, she felt lonely. So, she turned to art and embraced her imagination.

Currently, Kwak lives in Buena Park and and graduating this semester. She is in the process of applying to internships. She hopes to work under artists or in museums. Overall, I loved her piece in the gallery and wish her the best in her future.


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