Week 13//Classmate interview//Kimberly Carrasco

IMG_1715This week I met Kimberly Carrasco. It was really cool meeting her! After talking for a while I found out a lot about her. For example, she is a Sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Sociology. She told me that she wants to be a therapist and work with kids! She lives about 20 minutes away and commutes to school everyday. Also, she has a job at the Undergrad Research Opportunity program at CSULB!

I learned that she has an older sister and an older brother. She also has a dog named Sasha. I also found out a little bit about her interests and hobbies. While she doesn’t play anymore, she used to play soccer. She also really likes photography. I found it funny because Kimberly told me that she loves the beach but hates the water! She also really likes art but she says she isn’t good at it.

Lastly, she told me that the only place she has traveled outside of the country is Mexico. And in terms of music, She likes everything. She can’t narrow it down to a favorite band. However, she does like Netflix and her favorite show is Law and Order.

Overall, it was great meeting Kimberly and I hope to see he again soon!


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