Week 13//Artist Interview//Shihori Nakayama

IMG_1722 IMG_1721I absolutely LOVED Shihori Nakayama’s Exhibit this week. I found it so beautiful and delicate. Still, it was so intricate and detailed! I feel like I really could have looked at it all day and found something new to look at each time! I also loved how all of her work seemed to connect and flow together. I was really interested in her drawings and was so excited that I had the opportunity to talk to the mastermind behind these fabulous works of art!

Nakayama was so open and kind so it was fun talking to her about her art. According to her, she had always liked to draw. She was constantly doodling. I was also impressed to learn that it only took her four months to create her whole gallery!

In terms of the content of her work, it was all based off her personal experience. She was inspired by her memories and wanted to show her personal thoughts and feelings. Nakayama was born in Japan and came to the United States when she was 12 years old. Her prints were inspired by this experience. They also depict her life as an undergrad student.

I learned that she is majoring in Illustration and she really likes to work with ink and she enjoys printmaking. She told me a little bit about her process and it was really amazing. She says that she can imagine the picture she will draw and that makes it easier for her. she also has a bunch of images in her mind, and she plans out which images she wants on her drawing.  Photography is also a hobby of hers.

Overall, it was very cool talking to Nakayama and I loved her gallery. I would love to see more of her artwork someday!


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