Week 12//Classmate Interview//Kelsey Lewis

unnamedThis week I got to meet the awesome Kelsey Lewis. It was a really great interview because we got along so well and discovered we have a lot in common!

Kelsey is a Freshman at Cal State Long Beach and is a Journalism major. However, this is funny because she doesn’t like writing and doesn’t like watching the news. She is a great photographer, though, and has an interest in Photojournalism.

She is from Modesto, which is in the Central Valley. Like me, she dorms, but she is in the Los Alamitos dorms. From what she told me, she likes CSULB and chose this school because she wanted to be in Southern California. She also has family down here so it was an easy transition.

I also found out a lot about Kelsey’s  interests. She loves to draw and paint and loves photography.She used to play soccer but hasn’t played in a while. Other interests of hers include watching Netflix (That 70s Show is her favorite) and listening to music.

Overall, it was great meeting Kelsey and I hope to see her again soon!


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