Week 12//Artist Interview//Ashley Sharpe

unnamed2 unnamed3 unnamed4This week in the galleries, I found one that really made me smile. It was a gallery focusing on cats! It was so much fun walking around this gallery because it reminded me of my cat at home, Trinity.

After talking to Sharpe about her exhibit, I learned a lot about her as an artist. According to her, cats bring her comfort. She has always liked animals and she attributes her happiness to cats. As a result, she wanted to create a gallery where people could walk in and be happy. She currently doesn’t have her own cat, but she had one growing up.

I was very interested in hearing about her inspiration and process. She told me that she actually walked around her neighborhood with treats, trying to find cats. As a result, most of the cats in her gallery were ones that she had previously encountered. One portrait of a cat was  actually a tribute to a cat who had passed away. Other cats in her gallery were modeled after internet sensations.

In terms of composition, she used several different types of printmaking. She actually began her collection of cat themed artwork in 1013. About 1/3 of her prints in the exhibit were from this year, though.

All in all, I really enjoyed this gallery. It was relatable and fun to be in. It also was unlike any of the other galleries we have seen so far.


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