Week 12//Activity//Algorithmic Art


1. Get a blank piece of paper and several different colored paints.
2. Place the paper on an easel/table
3. Take one color and water it down.
4. Load your paint brush with that color and splatter it,brush it, or dab it, onto the paper.
5.Repeat until your paper is filled with different colored splatters.
6. Stop


In this assignment, I hoped to inspire a little bit of childish fun and creativity. I went for a Jackson Pollock feel. I think that this procedure also allowed for a lot of creative freedom in terms of what colors the person following this procedure used and the composition of their artwork. In a way, this activity reminded me of the finger paintings I used to make when I was little because there are no rules. The picture doesn’t have to look like a person or a certain object, it can just be blobs.

I was actually very happy with the result that I got from my procedure. It came out exactly as I wanted it to. It was colorful and bright and made me feel happy. I also added glitter paint and a lot of pink so It feels very feminine and bright to me. I think that this would be a super cool mural on my bedroom wall. Splattering was such a easy technique with a cool result!


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