Week 11//Artist Interview//Gabriel Garcia

IMG_1507I think that the art by Gabriel Garcia was one of my favorite exhibits this semester. For me, his art was so powerful and had such a strong and tangible message that almost everyone can relate to. His artwork was centered around things that need to be highlighted and changed in society. I think the reason that I liked his exhibit so much was he showcased really important issues that don’t get addressed enough.

Titled “Toxic Masculinity”, Garcia pinpointed issues in society such as bullying and stereotypes. He had such a solid message that made people really look at his art. In some of his artwork  he had the “normative” idea of what a man should be. He highlighted male dominance and the notion that “hitting,” “raping,” and “killing” shows masculinity. He juxtaposed this by placing it next to a pig implying that this makes men pigs. In another piece he told us about a Woman who was transgendered and was killed because of it in the Philippines. Lastly, he had pieces that showed how even little boys are brought up in a certain way, and raised in these stereotypes.

In terms of composition, the colors were all pretty monochromatic. All of his pieces were various shades of black, gray, and white. While talking to him, he said that he chose a gray font color so people had to really take their time to study it. He also added depth and value to his work by not just making it completely black and white. In making these pieces, Garcia used a few different mediums and techniques. A lot of his art was created using charcoal, but he also used his eraser to create words and images in the negative spaces. Ink was used as well.

All in all, this exhibit was well executed and I think Garcia did a fabulous job getting his message across.


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