Week 11//Classmate Interview// Katie Leyba

IMG_1503In this week’s classmate interview I met the fabulous Katie Leyba. We began talking and I discovered that she is a Sophomore here at CSULB. I was impressed to find out that she is a Biomedical Engineer. I think it is really cool because her major falls under electrical engineering so she wants to design medical equipment. I thought it was awesome how she knows exactly what she wants to do!

It was really amazing getting to know Katie because we actually have a lot in common! All of our answers were pretty much the same! I found out that we both love Listening to music. Our favorite is Rock and Roll, and our favorite bands are both the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac. We bonded over the shared sadness of not being able to attend their upcoming concert. We also discovered that we are both Disney Fanatics. And while her pass expired, she told me how her favorite rides were Space Mountain in Disneyland and Grizzly Rapids in California Adventures. We also shared a love for art. Her favorite form of art is drawing. This is her first art class and she hopes to take more in the future!

Some fun facts about Katie are she likes to sing and was in choir in high school, and she LOVES animals and has a dog. However, she wants more! One of her hobbies is walking her Australian Shepherd mix. She loves the show Sherlock and she is currently binge watching the Walking Dead on Netlix. I also found out that she has a twin brother who also attends CSULB. How cool is that!?

Overall it was a great experience meeting Katie and I can see us becoming good friends in the future!


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