Week 11//Activity//Plaster Casting

IMG_1436 IMG_1457 IMG_1461 IMG_1483This week I had so much fun doing the activity! It was great hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and making something totally awesome. I was pleasantly surprised to see how cool my hand sculpture came out! I didn’t expect it to be that perfectly formed.

The process was very cool. First we dug a hole, then we placed our hand in in and filled the rest of the hole with wet sand. Then we pulled our hands out slowly and filled our mold with plaster. We went to get ice cream at Cold Stone and before we knew it, it was done! We uncovered our work and felt like paleontologists digging up dinosaur bones! We dusted off our sculptures and took them home. It is awesome because I wear a lot of rings and an now use my sculpture as a ring holder! I liked this activity because so many thins in our society are created using this method. We got a little rase of how to make a real mold to create a product. Overall, it was a great activity and also, any excuse to go to the beach is fine with me!


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