Week 10//Classmate Interview//Lacey Alaniz

FullSizeRenderThis week I got to meet the awesome Lacey Alaniz. It was great talking to her! I found out that like me, she is a first year student at Cal State Long Beach. Currently, Lacey is majoring in history but hopes to change to marketing in the future. Her dad is in medical sales so she hopes to follow in his footsteps!

Lacey and I both dorm, but she is dorming in the Los Alamos Dorms in Hillside and I am in Beachside.

She told me a lot about herself! Some of her favorite things to do are hang out with her friends and play pool! It’s awesome because she goes to play pool AND hang out with her friends every Thursday! She also likes going to the movies and watching Netflix! We found out we like a lot of the same shows like Orange is the New Black and American Horror Story! She also has awesome taste in music! She likes Alternative punk bands like Joyce Manor and Tigers Jaw. It was really cool because I haven’t met a lot of people at Long Beach who listen to the same music as me!

Lastly I learned that Lacey has a little sister. She is 14 and is super close to her. She is from Huntington so its great that she can go home often and see her little sister!

It was super awesome because our personalities were similar and we like the same music! We got along great and I wish her the best.


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