Week 10//Artist Interview//Dawn Ertl

11079621_1003618416316737_4745538745406395678_n 11078037_1003618506316728_9192168056826879223_n 11084264_1003618376316741_8460417184641459375_nThis week I got to experience Dawn Ertl’s amazing art Gallery. Displayed in the Gatov Galleries, was her show, Radius of Action.  Her main piece is called “One Nation Under God”.  It was amazing! When asked about the composition, Ertl told me that her art was made up of materials such as Yarn that she dyed, straws, strawberry crates, and plastic bags. She weaved and tied them all together. Also, within the art were speakers which she played music through. She told us how she has three different tracks playing. Within the piece, she broke it up into sections. One track contains love songs, one is called under, and one is on struggles and rising up to become a better person. Ertl explained that the music was all about creating extra noise. She wanted background music that will create a mood and be subtle enough that it doesn’t take over the whole piece.

Her other piece uses weather patterns at displays the difference between climate and weather. Her pieces show how our actions impact our environment all around the world. She has been working on Environmental issues for six or seven years, and I feel like she really found a great way to present these issues to her audience. However, she uses plastic bags throughout her art, and plastic bags are currently being banned.

My favorite part about her art was the fact that her patterns were based off music notations. They are actually weaved in the pattern of “WAIT” by M83. On a loom there are frames with pins and the yarn creates a pattern when the pedals are pressed and varies the length of the pins. It was such a brilliant and unique idea!

Overall,Ertl’s art really interested me. It really opened my eyes to the amount of waste we have as well as other environmental issues. She was really able to take these recycled materials and make something so intricate and pretty!


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