Week 9//Classmate Interview//Veronica Meza

FullSizeRender-8This week I got to talk to our class’s star student, Veronica Meza. Since the beginning she has had the highest grade in the class. I had met her and talked to her previously, but this week I really interviewed her and got to know her! She is really awesome.

I learned that she is a Sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and is a Psychology major Like me. She says she would love to become a therapist. I think she would be really great at that!

I found out that one of her hobbies includes going on food adventures with her sister whom she is really close to. I can relate! My sister and I are the exact same way! Another hobby of hers is art.  She loves all different kinds and she said her love really began when she started taking middle school art classes. She loves to draw and she also loves dancing! I found out that Veronica is part of a salsa club and has also tried Latin dance, Polynesian dance, and belly dancing! Considering I can’t dance at all, I find that really impressive! She told me also, that she loves sleeping, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. She likes any kind of music but country. I agree.

Also, as much as she loves music, she has never been to a concert. She is excited because her first concert is coming up in May and she will be seeing Lana Del Ray at the Hollywood Bowl!

Some fun facts about Veronica are she loves the beach, she once wanted to be a Veterinarian, she loves the show Once Upon a Time, and she has 3 dogs, a cat, and 2 turtles!

Overall, Veronica is a great person and I loved talking to her more and getting to know her!


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