Week 9//Artist Interview//Lesley Nishigawara

FullSizeRender-7This week I got to talk to the amazing artist, Lesley Nishigawara. She is a grad student working on her thesis.I loved her artwork! The art, made up of materials such as paper Card Stock, vellum, paint, and string, created such a unique look that was so interesting to look at! The pieces in the gallery, which took ten hours to install, were so cool and I loved looking at them! My favorite part about the work was how delicate it looked but yet seemed so bold! I also liked her use of negative space in her work.

It was really interesting for me to look at the patterns presented in her work. They were so simple yet intricate. I could tell that patterns and design are a huge part of who she is as an artist. This made sense because she had an organic children’s clothing line. I think her experience in textiles was evident and a focal aspect of her work.

Overall, I really loved this gallery. I have never made something like this myself, so I would be interested in trying my hand at incorporating   various materials and designs into a single piece like Nishigawara did.


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