Week 9//Activity//Architecture and Urban Planning

COGNITIVE MAP:FullSizeRender-11


resizeThe building that I chose to adopt is the cafe near the bookstore. I chose to adopt this particular building because this is where I hang out the most on campus. Whether it it to hang out between classes or just to eat, I always choose this location!

I like to sit on the couches at Starbucks. However, I noticed that they get really crowded and people often wanter around hoping for someone to leave so they can take their place. When talking to some of the students around me, I discovered many people have this problem. Almost everyone I talked to said they think there should be more tables in the cafe and more couches and chairs to sit on.

Currently, this building is used as a common place to hang out and relax.  People also study and take naps here. As a result, I think that the space should be expanded and more sitting spaces added. I also think it would be great if more restaurants were added!

Since this isn’t an academic building, I couldn’t find a faculty or staff member that knew the history. I even asked the woman working at Starbucks but she didn’t know. However, I did find out, based on several conversations with students, that this is a popular building that everyone enjoys being in. Also, it seems fairly new.

I know, personally, this is my favorite place on campus. It is always busy and active, but everyone seems to be there to take it easy and get away from their classes for a minute.

REDESIGNED CAMPUS:FullSizeRender-10My idea for a redesigned map of CSULB is to have a parking structure in the middle of campus (With A LOT of levels for A LOT of parking) Then, I have streets that lead to the parking structure and bus stops along those streets. I also divided up the campus so that all the art buildings are in one section, the math and science buildings are in another section, the Liberal Arts building in another, and the social and food places in another section. In the lower campus, I would have another parking structure in the center of the other buildings so that it is equal distance to any building you may need to go to on campus!


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