Weel 8//Activity//Beatles Remix

Ever since I was little, The Beatles have been my favorite band. I gee up listening to them with my dad. So for this week’s activity I decided to do a remix/mashup of some of my favorite Beatles songs. I used garageband on my mac and cut and added different songs to make one. I have never used this program before, but it was fun to mess around and make something unique out of it! I really enjoyed it and actually want to mage more mashups.

In this particular song, I used the intro to Strawberry fields forever, the beat from Lady Madonna that I strung through, The vocals and transition from Eleanor Rigby, The beat from Come Together,  both the vocals and Instrumental from A day in the Life, and lastly, the end from She loves you.

I think that there is a lot of freedom to be had in terms of the internet. I think that this freedom gives people power and can, in turn, cause fear and risk. The internet is so massive that it is up to the individual to be safe and keep things legal on the internet. I understand why copyright laws are placed how they are, but I think that the copyright one  use of songs and images can be expanded and loosened depending on what they are being used for. I chose to have copyright that allows people to use my work because I am putting it on the internet, and I think people should have access.


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