Week 8//Classmate Interview//Roxana Gutierrez


This week I met the fabulous Roxana Gutierrez. We talked and ended up having a lot in common. I really enjoyed getting to know her. I found out that she, like me, is a first year student at CSULB and is also a Psychology major. We both are nervous because we aren’t sure what we are going to do with our degrees.Still, I found out that her hobbies include hanging out with friends and listening to music. She doesn’t have a favorite band and she will listen to pretty much anything. Also, she has never been to a concert! She really want to, though!

Roxana commutes to CSULB and lives in North Long Beach. She chose this school because it is close to home but she hopes to transfer soon. Also, she want to travel abroad. She wants to go to France and it is is perfect because she took four years of French class in High School.She told me that she works at Target and likes to play Basketball. She also loves to shop and watch movies! Her favorite are scary movies but no one ever likes to watch them with her.The most interesting thing I found out about her was that she has a Twin! I thought this was super cool but she says it’s just like having a regular brother.

Overall, it was great getting to know Roxana and I hope to talk to her more! I also found out she is in my math class so I will make sure to say hi next class!


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