Week 8//Artist Interview//Brian Davis

IMG_0767This week in the art galleries, I was really fascinated by the Gatov West Gallery. Usually, I am attracted to the paintings because I can interpret and admire them for myself. This week, I found myself drawn to the gallery that displayed Brian Davis. I thought that his whole exhibit was awesome. Everything was super cool and interactive. My favorite, however, was the part where Brian was juicing. I couldn’t see how it was art at first, but then I realized, that art can be anything you wanted it to be! I love how he used art benches from the 70s as wooden shelves for holding his supplies and how he made the mugs he served the juice in.

It was so awesome talking to this artist. As he was juicing various fruits and vegetables he was telling everyone about his inspiration. He uses all organic foods and buys from a korean market. He got his inspiration by first going to South Korea. He also has his own organic garden. He grows as much as he can, but is a lot of work considering he juices every three days. He told us how important fresh and natural foods are to him. He also loves how juicing gives him the artistic space to perform and be free.  It is an enriching experience that boosts people up. It was cool to hear his plan for the future. He hopes to travel all over Europe and eventually wants to end up in Greece or Maui. Currently, he is planning to move to Italy and juice for people in hostiles.

He has been at CSULB for 4 years and loves how this exhibit is so different from his three other shows. I love how it is a space for people to be creative and interact with the art. I also think that this exhibit speaks to where he’s going and doing in life. His other exhibits have been all object based, but this is more active and hands on! It was really fun to look around, and the juice was delicious!


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