Weel 7//Classmate Interview//Conor Hawks


This week I met Conor Hawks. He was super awesome and was really easy to talk to. I loved getting to know him! We talked about everything. He is from Long Beach and he has been at Cal State Long Beach for a few years now. He is a Film major, and we got to talking immediately because my sister was also a film major so I know a lot about the field. Conor told me that he wanted to go into the business side of the industry and perhaps become an executive producer, or something along the lines of that. I thought that was really cool and hope everything works out for him!

An interesting thing I found out about Conor is that he was in the military for three years. He initially did it to pay for college, but had a cool experience. He was stationed in Charleston, South Carolina but got to travel around the world and ended up in places such as South America. (I am jealous! My dream is to travel the world!) We talked more and I got to know a bunch of random details about him! For example, I found out that his favorite color is blue and he is the youngest child of the family with two older sisters. I also found out that we are similar in the way that both of our favorite food is sushi and our favorite Ice cream flavor is Cotton Candy-the kind that turns your mouth blue. What’s better than that?

Conor told me that in his free time he likes to be active. He enjoys anything outdoorsy! Some of his hobbies include snowboarding, surfing, hiking, and running with his dog. Basically, he just likes to be active. I also found out that he works at a Hotel in Huntington Beach and he is a Netflix enthusiast. His favorite show is White Collar and his favorite movie is The Good, Bad, and the Ugly.

Overall, It was super awesome meeting Conor. It was fun to talk to him and was awesome to meetĀ someone I have so much in common with. He was super sweet and I look forward to talking to him again!


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