Week7//Activity//Portrait Photography


When I found out the activity for this week, I was super excited! I have always had a bit of a dark side so I knew I could would have lots of fun doing this activity.

In myArt110 Landscapes with a Corpse activity inspired by Kaoru, I imagined my departure as happening due to murder. I depicted myself as having a bullet through my forehead. I have played with costume makeup before and have even considered a career in make up design. I made myself more pale and added purple shadows to appear dead. I am also a bit of a photography enthusiast, so it was great composing this photo and making my vision come to life!

Creating this scene was super fun! I made sure to pay attention to the lighting, angles, and composition, and I am actually very happy with my final product.

I decided to use a field of grass as my background to show that I could be anywhere. I tried to create a sense of mystery and ambiguity. I wore a white dress to create a peaceful yet ghostly feel. I also wore my hair down to make the photo seem more natural.

This project was really cool and right up my alley! I had so so so much fun and got to combine some of my favorite things, photography makeup, and added a dark twist! I had never actually thought about my own death, but I really put thought into it. I don’t think this is the way I would like to go, but it was fun to act out!


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