Week 7//Artist Interview//Clare Samani

IMG_0596 IMG_0601 IMG_0602The Gallery that I focused on this week was the one that focused on Printmaking. I remember that Linoleum Printing and Woodblock printing was my favorite project in High School, so I was super excited when I got the chance to look at all these cool prints made by such talented students at CSULB! I personally go to talk to an artist named Clare Samani. She told me that it was a gallery that anyone in a printmaking class can submit to. She explained to me how there are various styles of printmaking and explained a little bit about the many processes. She told me that each artist gravitates to a different style of printmaking. The different forms and styles depend on the different artists. Clare’s favorite style is Etching. She likes how exact it is. Her piece in the gallery was the Girl on the Rocks. I never realized how much of a long process etching is! She said that it took about six hours to draw out and more than six hours to print it!

She also described how silk screen is one of the most popular forms of printmaking. However, she herself doesn’t like silk screening because it is tedious and it is hard to get the image she wants.Some of her other favorites, though, are litho, which is traditionally done in black and white, and relief.

I really like the theme of this gallery. The theme was Paradox which is defined by the exhibit as a statement that is self-contradictory or logically untenable, though based on valid deduction from acceptable premises. To the artist I talked to, a paradox is simply a contradiction that doesn’t make sense. She admitted that the concept was difficult for her to understand but she liked it.

Overall, I like the wide variety of styles in this exhibit. From the colorful pieces to the black and white pieces, they were all so different! My favorite in the exhibit is the orange an yellow staircase that seems to go on forever, twisting and turning. It is almost like an optical illusion. I really liked the art in this gallery. I hope to one day be a part of a gallery like this! I also hope to take a printmaking class in the future!


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