Week 6//Artist Interview//Alanna Marcelletti

IMG_0396 IMG_0398 IMG_0399

After wandering around the different fabulous art exhibits, I found that I loved the artwork in Gatov West. I was given the awesome opportunity to speak to Alanna Marcelletti. Her paintings were absolutely FABULOUS. Alanna large paintings were super interesting and drew me in. Her work invoked emotions, and created room for interpretation. She uses awesome random materials and had several textures in her work. I think the reason I liked her work so much is that they were unlike anything I had ever seen. I liked how she used so many different materials such as clothing fabrics, acrylic pain, knitted material, metal, and trash she has collected.

Together, they form these super awesome pieces of art.

Alanna told me that her pieces take about a month and she works at multiple at a time.  I also like how her pieces are kind of abstract, but they tell a story. MY favorite, for example. There was a folded piece where two sides of the painting were facing each other. It was almost as if they had a dialogue going on and were communicating.  The little ones were more intimate and were almost like scenes of a story.  I like that you can’t get the wholes story. Even though the works seemed random, there was a complexity and style that was hidden inside.

Alanna told me that she has always been interested in sculpture and painting so she just tried to find a balance between the two. She has an idea in her head and just plays around and experiments with this. the good thing about this, she told me, is that if she doesn’t like something or it wasn’t how she imagined it, she could just tear it up and make something new!

Overall, I really loved these paintings. They made me so happy to look at. The colors were peaceful and pastel, but there were hints of bold and bright colors as well. I love the individuality and uniqueness behind this exhibit.


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