Week 6//Activity//Yarn Bombing

IMG_0386 IMG_0446 For this activity I participated in the improvised yarn bombing. Before this, I didn’t even think about bombing with anything other than with spray paint. It was super fun. I love how you can make something simple into something beautiful with a material as common as yarn. I found some cool strings, ribbons, and strips of felt that I used for my fiber. I decided to”bomb” the tree in my back yard. Right now there are no leaves or greenery on it, so I added some of my own touch to make it prettier. I used rainbow colors and tied them around the branches to make it fun and colorful. I think that it made my backyard fun and happy. Even my dad noticed when he walked outside and commented that he thought it improved the tree. I hope to expand in the future and to take this project to the next level. Perhaps I will learn to knit and take to the fence or other plants! But overall, I loved this activity. It was so fun and gave you the opportunity to be creative and free. I didn’t think that it was hard but it was enjoyable. I think that yarn bombing and graffiti bombing were actually similar experiences. They both allowed you to use various colors and create emotion. They also let you express yourself in a fun way! On Beacharts Professor Zucman asked the questions, “Is there anything masculine or aggressive about bombing with paint? Is there anything feminine or nurturing about bombing with yarn?” While I disagree with the first question, I agree with the second. I think that bombing with paint can be relaxing and soft, just like yarn bombing. I don’t understand why it is that I perceive yarn bombing as feminine and nurturing, but I like the softness and calmness of the activity. I think that both painting and yarn are considered art. They are the same in they can be whatever they want it to be and can be a way of showing emotion.


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