Week 6//Classmate Interview//Jessa Camago


For this week’s classmate interview, I met Jessa Camago. As I was sitting waiting for class to start, I met one of the sweetest people. We were sitting next to each other and began to talk. She was so sweet and positive that it was so easy to talk to her. I enjoy meeting new people and was so glad that I met someone who seemed to be quite similar to myself. Like me, she is a first year, student and we actually have a lot in common. She dorms like me but she lives in the Hillside dorms. I learned that she has an older brother and a younger brother and is super close to her family. She told me that she has a big family with a lot of cousins. One day she hopes to het a tattoo with all of her cousins’ initials.

Jessa is a Business accounting major and has a  minor in math, She hopes to become an accountant one day. Some of her hobbies include drawing and she likes to play tennis and run. Also, she says her favorite past time is watching Netflix and hulu. She told me that her favorite movie is Spirited Away.

We also bonded over the fact that we don’t have jobs but need to find one. She told me that she is shy and awkward but opens up when she is comfortable. I also found out random facts about her like she prefers the cold to the hot, she used to have fish and turtles, and she has never traveled outside the country but wants to.

I had so much fun talking to Jessa . We didn’t have that much time but we got to know a lot about each other. The conversation seemed effortless and it was fun to just hang out with my new friend. She was such a great person and I can see us being good friends!


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