Week 5//Classmate Interview//Rogelio Avina

IMG_0301-1This week I got to meet a new friend named Rogelio Avina.

We got along really well. He was super sweet and our conversation was fun and comfortable. I loved getting to know him! I learned a whole bunch of little things that helped me to get to know what he is like. For example, I learned random facts like His favorite color is red, he has an interest in cars, and he prefers cold weather over hot!

We talked about everything from sports to music to family! I learned that he is also a music enthusiast. His favorite genres are pop and R&B, his favorite artists being YG and Drake. Rogelio shared that some of his favorite past times were going off roading and riding motorcycles.I thought that was really cool! I noticed he was athletic. He said he enjoyed swimming and used to play Football Track and Soccer. He told me that he lives in Lancaster, which is about 2 hours away, and found out that we live in the same dorm buildings! How awesome is that?! I also found out that we like the same shows (like Rob and Big and Ridiculousness on MTV) and have the same preference in Ice Cream flavors! Our favorite is Cotton Candy! (YUM!) We then began to talk about our families. He told me that he has three siblings and that each of them are two years apart.  He also is a dog person and has one dog whom he showed me a picture of!

We began to talk and I found out Rogelio is a Sophomore at CSULB. He is a major in Civil Engineering. When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said that someday he hopes to work for AECO which is a Los Angeles based engineering company. I really admired his motivation and focus. He knew exactly what he wanted to do after CSULB, which I envied since I have no clue what I want to pursue. I thought this was especially cool because most college students follow a path and aren’t really sure what will come out of it. Rogelio was different and knows exactly what he wants to do! Overall, it was really great to talk to him and get to know a really great person that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have gotten to know!


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