Week 5//Artist Interview//Dianna Franco

IMG_0317-1 IMG_0319-1 IMG_0321-1This week I got to talk to the very talented Dianna Franco!

Her paintings were absolutely fabulous! They look so simple from afar, but if you look closely you can really see the detail and thought that went into them. I honestly stood there for so long just staring at all her different pieces. The negative space was cool and looked though out. I also loved the concept and how they made me feel calm but they had a certain energy to them! My favorite part about her work was the colors that she chose to use. I just LOVED how the subtle and more neutral colors were juxtaposed with the bright, neon colors!

Dianna told me that she pulled inspiration from cosmos and outer space. I could totally see what she was talking about. One of the most interesting things that I picked up from my conversation with her was the fact that she doesn’t name her artwork. She likes the idea that when people look at her work, they see their own thing and make up their mind about it rather than being told what to look for. She said she went for the idea that everyone sees something different due to their psychological thought process. It reminds me of the idea of the Rorschach test in psychology that allows people to form their own ideas and emotions because of the art!

I also liked how Dianna said that she put the bright colors in the inside and the middle of the art to represent how things are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

It was really just cool to hear Dianna’s story of how she has been drawing and doodling since she was three years old but dint start taking classes until college. Overall,she is an amazing artist and I loved her work!


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