Week 5//Activity//Kickstarter

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.18.30 AMBecause I am a foodie and my love of watching cooking shows, ! decided to look into the food projects. I am always willing to try new food and I was hoping to find new and interesting products! Here’s what I came up with…


As a frozen banana and smoothie enthusiast, this video seemed to be made specifically for me! I think this video caught my eye because of their logo: a gorilla riding on a bike with bananas in the basket. What an image! It is fun and colorful and really embodies the product that they are trying to promote. Also, I love everything that these people are trying to do. I love that everything is natural, healthy and enjoyable. I am the biggest sweet tooth but am also interested in eating healthy and organic.

I chose this video as one that I think really rocks because I can see that these two people have a dream and are so passionate and excited to share it with the world! They seem to be completely invested in their idea. They are just regular people like me, yet they are completely committed to getting their food truck out there!


In my opinion, this pitch is not very good. I personally find the idea of the project to be dangerous, knowing that energy drinks can be very harmful to your body. I also don’t like that it doesn’t look professional at all. There is no logo or effort. There isn’t even a video to promote their project.  I do, however, like that they linked some of their research and information for people like me who also have concerns about the health aspect of their idea. Overall, I think it does need work.

As an aspiring photographer, my next category was to look into the photography tag. I loved seeing peoples’ creativity and beautiful skills shine through. Here are two pitches that I either loved or didn’t care for…


While I liked all the pictures and the fact that these people are looking to make a new website, I didn’t like how there was no face or voice representing the project. To me, it felt impersonal and like there was no urgency or passion in the video. I also thought they were asking for a lot and it wasn’t really clear to me what exactly they were trying to accomplish with this kickstarter.


I really liked this video. I could tell that this photographer really cared about what she is doing. I liked how she is adding elements to a face to expose mental health issues while making something beautiful. I also like how she is trying to raise awareness for issues that are often overlooked. She is trying to create a different light for these issues that are usually looked at negatively. Overall, I like her presentation, her compassion, and the way she holds herself. she seems passionate and confident in her campaign.


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