Week 4//Classmate interview//Euijin Song

IMG_0270This week I met the amazing Euijin Song. Her name is ironic because, according to her, she doesn’t really listen to music.  However, I did  find out a lot of other things about my new friend! Born in Korea, Eujin came to California when she was in fourth grade. It was an easy transition for her because she was so young. Now, she lives in Las Palmas, about twenty minutes fromLong Beach. Like me, she is also a first year at CSULB!

Eujin has a little sister and a little brother and is very close to her family.

I learned that she is a Ben and Jerry’s enthusiast, her favorite ice cream flavor being strawberry. I also realized what a good person she is. While she is super shy and a total homebody, she loves to volunteer at a saturday school for people with disabilities. I think it takes a special kind of person to do that. She is majoring in Social work and I think that major is a fabulous fit for her!

While she doesn’t like talking to strangers, I learned that Euijin is very much enjoying college at Cal State Long Beach. I also learned that her favorite color is black and she played piano for NINE years! We also bonded over her selfie stick which we used to take our picture. I noticed that she was shy at first but opened up really quickly! Overall, Euijin is a really great person. She was funny and sweet and I really liked talking to her!


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