Week 4//Artist Interview//Andrea Albarran

IMG_0175 IMG_0174 IMG_0173 IMG_0172

For this week’s artist interview, I had the privilege of talking to Andrea Albarran who had her artwork displayed in a gallery titled “exposed.” As an artist, she began by painting abstract pictures. However, as she continued painting, she began to focus on her loved ones. She painted her family members and friends. According to he, she liked to paint them as they are and expose them. Her favorite piece, and mine as well, was a painting of her niece. I could tell that tho painting is filled with love. The way she painted this little girl was so beautiful and you could tell that the artist really cared about the person in the painting. My favorite part of that painting was the bubbles! they seemed to fun and childlike, which I think helped capture the essence of the painting and brought the little girl alive.

Currently, Andrea is attending Cal State Long Beach and is in her last semester. She is a Fine arts major and hopes to eventually get her credential in China! How cool is that?! Anyways, she loves color, and it shows! I was so drawn to her pictures because, like I have said before, I am attracted to bright and expressive colors! Even in her statement that was in the gallery, Andrea said that it is easier for her to “express her feelings towards something or someone through color than through anything else.” You can really tell that her color choices in her paintings are expressing her emotions and feelings.

The thing that I found amazing was that she only started painting I’ve years ago! However, you can tell that she has found her place. Andrea told me that her favorite medium to use is oil paint, but it is difficult because it takes several days to dry! she also enjoys using charcoal and watercolors. She says that oil paint is her favorite, though, because it is so vivid and interesting! She said that, “painting has allowed me to reveal and expose my realities to others.” I can really see this through her artwork! Overall, it was awesome to be able to talk to such a talented artist and to hear the backstory to the wonderful paintings we got to examine.


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