Week 3//Classmate Interview//Rachel Goodaker


It was super awesome making a new friend this week. Her name is Rachel Goodaker and she was fabulous. She is such a sweet person and she has such a good vibe. I learned that she has one younger sister and lives about 15 minutes from CSULB. She may be undeclared in her major, but she is super interested in Human Behavior. I absolutely think she would be great in that field. Given that my major is psychology, we actually had a lot in common. We talked about how much she loves netflix and how Grey’s Anatomy is her favorite show. She also told me that she likes to do yoga and also used to be really involved in soccer. I noticed that she was shy at first but opened up really quickly!

As we walked around the galleries, we talked and actually learned a lot about each other. We found that we liked the same artwork and had similar taste. Like me, she also loves the ocean, but she hates seaweed! Also, we are similar in the way that we are outgoing and love to try new things.I honestly feel like I couldn’t have picked a better person to interview. We got along so well and even went to get Starbucks together afterwards!

Rachel and I were both pretty shy when we first started to talk, but we ended up opening up and had fun talking to each other. We talked about music, shows, hobbies and interests. The conversation seemed to effortless and comfortable once we both started to open up! Rachel is a great person and and is super sweet. She was genuine and so easy going. I really liked talking to her and am so glad I made an amazing new friend!


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