Week 3//Artist Interview//Tidawhitney Lek

After wandering around the different fabulous art exhibits, I found myself completely drawn to the group exhibition on drawing and painting in Gatov East. I was given the amazing opportunity to speak to and interview two of the fabulous artists in this exhibit. Mainly, I spoke with Tidawhitney Lek. Her paintings were absolutely FABULOUS. Lek’s large paintings in the exhibit convey emotions, events and moments in her life. She uses brilliant colors and textures in her work to make these colorful and emotion evoking pieces of art.I think that the reason that I was so drawn to Tidawhitney’s pieces was because of her use of bright, fluorescent colors! I loved all her paintings and just wanted to stand there and stare at them for hours! Two of the artists shared some of their experiences and spoke to me about what inspired their work.

They used so many colors and techniques. One of the artists spoke about how even thought the paintings were abstract, they were exactly what she wanted them to be. She still considered the background, middle ground, and foreground of the pictures. In the end, it came down to composition and color. I love how she  splatter painted and used several kinds of brushstrokes and styles all incorporated into a single painting. I could see exactly what they were talking about when they said that eve thing was planned out. She was telling us that she actually thinks about what she wants the viewer to see first or what she wants them to think about or feel. Two of the artists talked about their color theory class and how it  helped them to know what each of the colors can do. They learned the tricks and knew that each color could cause a different feeling. They studied the interaction of the textures and pigments and pieced them together like a puzzle. Even though the works seemed random, there was a complexity and style that was hidden inside.

Overall, I LOVED these paintings. They made me so happy to look at. They were so bright and bold and interesting. They remind me of the kind of art that I like to do. I really connected to these artists. They talked about how they went to New York for a week and were so inspired. They saw so many different artists and styles and knew that’s what they wanted to do. They pulled several all nighters and they got the feeling that they just NEEDED to paint. I can relate. I have been so interested in art and color for years and this embodied everything that I love about art. I love the uniqueness and the creativity behind every piece of art in this exhibit.IMG_0032 FullSizeRender-3


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