Week 3//Activity//Instagram

This week, the activity was really cool. I love the idea of all of us sharing parts of our lives to create one single collage. The pictures were awesome and I saw a lot of interesting and creative people in our class. For me, the coolest part was seeing everyone’s separate lives come together. I loved being able to search the hashtag #art110s15 and see snippets of the lives of everyone in our class.

Even though I don’t know most of the people in our class yet, I felt connected to everyone. I saw that some people posted the art that we had all explored together. I found it interesting to see that others liked the same pieces that I did. I also liked to see pictures around campus. I recognized a lot of the different spots that people were at. It just reminded me that we all are part of the same community. I also liked to see a lll of the things that people were doing outside of school. It made me realize that these people have lives other than what we see in class.

I also liked this activity because it showed me what people like. Food, friends, family, rooms, selfies,random objects—It tells a lot about a person based on what they chose to post. It was just an overall interesting experience to get to see everyone’s pictures together and see into the lives of strangers coming together for a common class. I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing the variety of things people posted about. In the end, this project reminded me that at any given day, there is so much going on beyond my own personal life.IMG_0077 IMG_0076 IMG_0075


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